Nursing Reflection Paper

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Dr. Kilway and Class,
I have learnt a whole lot over the past eight weeks that came by so fast. Credits go to Dr. Kilway, my class mates and my clinical preceptor.
This course has prepared me to meet the MSN program outcome #6, the MSN Essential VII, and the Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies # 8 in multiple ways.
Program Outcome #6: Apply legal, ethical and human-caring principles to situations in advanced nursing practice.
As practitioners, it is our obligation to render care across the lifespan without bias or judgment. Our bias and personal opinion are left behind before we meet the patient. Also the patient is the center of all our endeavors, so regardless of the patient’s ability to pay, immigration status or sexual orientation we are obligated to render care.In women’s health for instance, pregnant women are given choices as the number of children they desire and also for birth control. As clinicians we are frequently encountered by these patients and it is our duty to provide them with diagnosis, counseling, and referral to other services they may need, despite our own values and beliefs. We may not agree with our patients’ decision about their healthcare, we are here to provide counseling, education and referrals in hopes they will make the best decision about their health and wellbeing (Schuiling & Likis, 2013). This is what defines us. Sometimes we could face some challenging situations that could put our own values to test, but it is very important to be able

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