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Concepts and Theories in Nursing Reflection I am sitting at my desk pondering the lessons learned during the past eight weeks of my life. It is unbelievable to think that this class was actually going to be enjoyable since the study of theory is usually met with an ugh and a sigh by the student and those they tell of their coursework. Much to my surprise, I actually enjoyed the material presented. Course Goals IOM Core Competencies The IOM Core Competencies for this course were for the student to be able to obtain knowledge regarding patient-centered care, work in interdisciplinary teams, evidence-based practice, quality improvement and informatics. Only the first two of these competencies were addressed specifically in this course.…show more content…
This assisting in making the theory come to life and gain pertinence in our practice. Paterson & Zderad helped us explore our own personal “gestalt”. Through this writing, we saw our path to nursing and what we bring to each situation we encounter. The textbook was quite helpful in describing methods to evaluate each of the theories for use in practice. It broke up the theory into categories for evaluation in each chapter. Some weeks, I was able to comprehend the theory using one category such as metaparadigm, the next week, the nursing process might have shown me clarity. It was a great value to how the broke offered a single case study and applied each theory into the clinical practice for this patient. Recapping With each module, I was continually amazed with the work of these ladies. I am a concrete thinking and their abstract ideas, though lofty to me, actually started to make sense. I am mesmerized by the fact that most of how we practice nursing has been formulated by their hard work and research. The weeks that we started looking at the nursing of the 1960’s to 70’s was a bit déjà vu. I was born in the 60’s and started working in a nursing home in the late 70’s. I recalled not only the practice back then but the stories the nurses would tell us about how they used to practice. Somethings have changed, technology, and somethings have not, manual blood pressure cuffs. We wore caps in nursing school and for the

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