Nurturing Yields a Productive Citizen Essay

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Does nurturing in an early childhood stage help to create a productive citizen? Yes, nurturing children, “ building a loving and caring relationship” in an early childhood stage allows young children to obtain a positive self-concept, reach social & emotional development, understand others, achieve physical growth0 and learn intellectually and morally (Love Our Children USA). First, a positive self-concept (the image one has of oneself and ones strengths) sets the basis as to how a child will conduct his or herself in the future. “Children with good self concepts are more likely to grow into happy and productive members of society” (Arkin et al.). Parents should encourage positive self-concepts in children. To help a child reach this …show more content…
Children may think that they are incompetent or at fault if the teacher gives off a negative attitude. So, for instance, a bad day should not be shown through the teacher's attitude. The attitude shown on a bad day should mask the day they are having. This is to insure a nurturing environment for a young child. Second, along with guidance, children need nurture to help social and emotional skills develop. Many psychologists point out that there is a ”very strong relationship between parenting styles and the social development of children“ (Kasschau 80). Children from nurturing homes will, in fact, be stronger socially than children from homes without nurturing caregivers. One of the first and most important steps in promoting social development is teaching children prosocial behaviors. Prosocial behaviors are acts of kindness that benefit others such as sharing, helping others, and showing concern. Many people argue that prosocial behaviors should be learned naturally; however teaching a child prosocial behaviors is the most accurate way to ensure the quality of kindness in young children. Emotional development is another important factor in a growing child. Humans use different emotions to express their feelings to others everyday. In studying young children, one will see that no two children are exactly alike. Although they may look alike, identical twins differ in personality. This is why psychologists have “emphasized the importance of the

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