Nutrition : A Small Part Of Being Healthy

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Uriel Gonzalez
Mrs. Andrews
English IV
28 April 2016

Nutrition Some people believe that being healthy only consists of exercise, but the truth is that exercise is only a small part of being healthy. The real key to achieve the best health is nutrition. Understanding nutrition is very important. It can help everybody perform better in a sport or boost ones energy; it can also affect the longevity of people’s life. The perfect diet for an athlete is similar to the recommended diet for an average human. Although the quantity of each group of food someone needs depends on your sport, the amount of training one does, what activity’s one does throughout the day, and how much training the individual does. Eating good food can help people get the energy needed to finish a race, or just enjoy a casual activity or sport. They are more likely to be exhausted and play poorly during sports when they do not get enough fluids, carbohydrates, calories, vitamins, and proteins. (Nutrition and Athletic Performance) Carbohydrates are what helps when you need to regulate blood sugar and glycogen level in muscles, which is extremely important to keeping muscles from getting exhausted. Most people tend to not eat foods that are high in fat but severely not eating it and taking it away from ones diet is not good as fat provides very important fatty acids, and The body uses it as energy sources especially if the person is an athlete. Eating well means eating various types of
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