Nutrition And Nutrition

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Every single day science is working to tell us exactly what types of foods to consume, how often we should be engaging in physical activity, and what type of exercises will help the general population of healthy adults maintain their health and wellness. Technology and economic incentives tend to discourage physical activity in today’s modern lifestyle. The time we live in is one where sitting at your desk and staring at a computer screen all day pays more than going for a jog or hitting the gym. Most people feel they lack the time at the end of the day to meet the physical activity standards that the American College of Sports medicine recommends. It is the job of health professionals to inform the public of just how important it is to follow these recommendations so that they may life long and healthy lives. Unfortunately changing the behavior of the general population is an extremely difficult task. There are many obstacles that people believe are keeping them from meeting these guidelines such as schedule, environment, family, work, social obligations, money, and lack a general lack of motivation. Education is perhaps our greatest combatant of these obstacles, and the will to see people live long and happy lives. For the general population there are certain recommendations for physical activity and nutrition that are important to follow to prevent chronic illness, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The first recommendation is for healthy adults to complete a minimum of

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