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The Core Body of Knowledge: New York State’s Core Competencies for Early Childhood Educators is a set of standards, written by the NYS Early Childhood Advisory Council for those professionals who work with young children in different areas. The standards exist to provide daily practice for professionals who wrok with children. It is a guide for programs administrators and directors to help them assess the performance of the their staff and to help in area that need developing. They help training organizations with evaluation and development of opportunities for professionals. They assist teacher education programs. They support local and stat agneices in policy making and public and private investments. The standards are separate into …show more content…

I will repeat the steps for the vegetable, fruit, diary, meat and fat/oil groups. I would have pre-laminated food cuts for children take turns putting them into the right groups. Using the pyramid, I would ask the children what food is healthy and can help them grow. We would make a list of healthy snacks for the classroom. I would allow them to come up with the list as I write them on the board. If there is one that is not a healthy snack, I would ask the class if anybody notice any unhealthy snacks on the list. Then I would remove the unhealthy snack. I can have the children write down what kinds of food they have at home and what food groups they fit into. Another lesson I can teach to children is the meals of the day. I would focus on breakfast, luch and dinner. For breakfast, I would ask the children to tell me what they had for breakfast before they came to school. Then I would ask them about the favorite breakfast. I would repeat the questions for lunch and dinner. I would split the class up into three groups, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and have them brainstorm what food from the food pyramid they have for either meal. They can also mention foods that are not on the pyramid, so children can learn about different food in different cultures. They can utilize the toy food from the kitchen center for the activity. During a daycare observation, I notice the children each brought in different vegetables. They were going to make a salad after learning

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