Nutritional Assessments And Treatment Plan

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The following essay consists of my nutritional assessments and treatment plans of two patients of Pakistani decent now residing here in the United States of America. “Ali” is an 8 year old male of Pakistani decent (second generation) and his maternal great-grandmother “Fatima” is a 76 year old female of Pakistani decent (first generation). They reside together with both Ali’s parents, maternal grandparents and Fatima is widowed. Both patients are practicing Muslims and this is also shown to affect their nutritional needs. Ali and Fatima are accompanied and assisted by Ali’s mother,“Sara”. A nutritional questionnaire was completed by Fatima and Ali’s mother. An in depth conversation was held with Ali, Fatima and Sara. I gained much information that was helpful in my development of the treatment plans below. As a practicing Muslim family, I also discovered that not only is pork prohibited, but pork by products such as gelatin is forbidden to be consumed. The dynamics of this extended family all residing within the same household offer a very structured dietary focus as mealtime is a centrally focused event . The entire family presents for all meals. Fatima, and Ali’s mother, prepare three meals per day consisting of meat or beans prepared with fresh vegetables and fruits and rice or roti (flat bread homemade from wheat flour). According to my data, Ali drinks primarily water and juice products containing less than 10% natural fruit juice. “Artificial juices” are
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