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Oprah Winfrey Oprah Winery's life experiences have made her into the woman she is today. She was born on January 9,1954,in Kosciusko, Mississippi. She has stated that she is a woman in progress, just trying like everyone else. Taking every conflict and every experience and learning from it. Oprah Winfrey has risen from poverty and a troubled youth to become the most powerful and influential woman in television and according to Forbes Magazine, then world’s most highly paid entertainer.
The problems Oprah has encountered, as child was very traumatizing. She moved several times between family members, from a baby to a young child of six years old she lived with her grandparents, being
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The speech coach told Oprah that she had to have more self-determination and positive attitude and to quit being so nice. Oprah’s next job was reading “cut-ins” on ABC’s Good Morning America Show. In addition WJZ-TV assigned her as a reporter covering tragedies. After this Oprah was placed to host their talk show People Are Talking, to her this show was considered a demotion. People Are Talking created a change for Oprah. She realized this is what she wanted to do all along. It allowed her to relax and be herself. In a few years the shows popularity passed that of the Phil Donahue Show.
In 1984, Oprah took a risk at hosting a Chicago morning talk show. She received a $200,000 a year salary and a four-year unbreakable contract. Her show was “groundbreaking”. What made her show so great was that she was able/unafraid to bare her soul and her past experiences in front of her audience and guest where most talk show host will keep their personal lives private. Oprah spoke about everything her experience with abuse, her obesity and her drug problems. Oprah deled with harsh critics that could not accept that a “big” woman could be beautiful, intelligent, and vital.
Besides her wonderful title as “queen of the daytime talk shows,” Oprah has proven herself as an outstanding actress. One of her first and best movies was The Color Purple. This movie created a lot of controversy despite how well it was actually done. It was nominated for a grand total of eleven
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