OSHA Fall Prevention

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Protecting and preventing workers from injuries related to a fall is critical for safety. Safety regulations specify procedures to help prevent falls from elevated work areas, plus hazardous conditions on the ground. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA), all companies must follow specific guidelines to protect employees. These regulations establish industry standards, legislative guidelines for fall protection by OSHA. To avoid penalties, fines and possibly the closing of a jobsite or facility, companies need to understand how to abide by OSHA fall protection standards. Understanding what the OSHA fall protection standards are and how to abide by these guidelines can help you promote a safe work environment by reducing fall hazards. OSHA Fall Protection Standards OSHA has written regulations designed to prevent workers from falling overhead platforms …show more content…

Many situations where workers are injured from a fall are little more than common sense errors and lapses in good technique. Workers need trained in how to correctly climb scaffolding, set up elevated work platforms and attach all safety harnesses. Many times injuries result from nothing more than poor procedural techniques, injuries that are avoided with adequate training. Mandate that all employees read and understand the basics of the OSHA fall protection regulations. Provide training classes that do not invade on a worker’s private time. Reward them for attendance, and then establish reward and recognition for employees and departments that meet, or exceed regulatory standards. Financial rewards are an outstanding incentive and they can cost a lot less than an OSHA fine for a violation. Teach proper ground safety standards, certify workers in the correct way to erect elevated platforms, and acknowledge solid safety performance. Use All Safety

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