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Journal of Business Cases and Applications Bella’s: a case study in organizational behavior study Bobby Medlin University of Arkansas Fort Smith ABSTRACT The primary subject matter of this case involves the job satisfaction and employee ct engagement of a company’s workforce. The case depicts a new general manager’s concern that the constructs listed above have reached such low levels that critical organizational outcomes are being negatively impacted. The case also involves a career planning decision made by the principal character in the case. It is designed to be taught in one class hour and is expected to take approximately three hours of student preparation time. Students are provided with a management scenario describing a…show more content…
Prior to taking this position, Lynne had worked at a major women’s clothing retailer, initially as a is management trainee and finally as a regional manager. Before Bella’s, Lynne and Illa, while not close friends, were certainly acquaintances who had gotten to know each other professionally. other Illa had shared her dream with Lynne and had often told her “you know when I do this thing, I want you to come run it for me.” Lynne never really gave it much thought, but when Illa made a formal offer, Lynne decided it would be a good move, professionally and personally. She had been very successful in retailing--but the long hours plus the weekend demands had begun to --but take a toll on her personal life. A single mother of two, Lynne decided that this change would be a new challenge, and it would also enable her to be more successful in balancing family and d career. From day one, Lynne basically was involved in or actually made all the managerial decisions at Bella’s. Though Illa was certainly the lead player in strategic decisions, Lynn was Lynne the ultimate decision maker for anything operational. Bella’s began with six employees: Illa, Lynne, three hair stylists, and one massage therapist. All were friends or acquaintances of the owner. Very little recruiting took place in the initial hires beyond Illa convincing each to come be a part of her new business. A salary was offered with a promise of
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