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Overactive bladder (OAB) is defined as abnormal urinary symptoms in absence of a urinary tract infection or other pathology. Prevalence has been found to increase with age. Thirty percent of U.S. Adults age 65 or older was found to have OAB. OAB poses a significant burden on elderly patients. Increased urination at night is the biggest burden that the elderly population experience. OAB not only creates a burden on the elderly population, but it also creates a burden economically. This article is about a study conducted that examines the potential benefits of diagnosing and treating elderly adults with overactive bladder. Methods This study used data from the OAB recontact study, which is a cross sectional self-reported internet study. In this study two comparisons of diagnosed relative to not diagnosed, and treated compared with those never treated. Among the elderly population 211 were diagnosed with OAB. In addition, 140 …show more content…

never treated elderly respondents had a significantly lower odds of having urge stress or mixed incontinence. Better health outcomes among elderly is directly associated with diagnosis and treatment. Treating OAB not only is important for the health of the elders, but it is also proven to be important economically. It is estimated that it cost $17,477 for non-treated patients vs. $9,670 for patients that were treated. Overall the findings highlight the importance of managing OAB symptoms in the elderly adults to decrease the burden of this condition for both the elderly and the economy. Recommendations for further studies The limitations of this study may be limited to inaccuracies, because all responses were self-reported. A recommendation for further studies could collect data directly from the patients chart. Obtaining information directly from a patient’s chart eliminates the subjective data, and makes the information obtain more reliable and

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