Obesity Caused by Fast Food Marketing

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In "The Big Fat Case Against Big Macs," published in The Washington Post on December of 2002, Ellen Goodman argues that the best lawyers cannot prove that the fast food industry caused the obesity epidemic in its customers, but they may prove that they fooled its customers, especially the young customers. Goodman argues that corporations like McDonalds target young kids by putting toys with their meals to attract them. She also states that they put slogans to make kids think that eating their "Big Kids Meal" will make them grow up faster. The author questions the health consciousness of McDonald 's corporation because why would McDonald 's in France take out an ad telling the parents that kids should eat no more than one hamburger a…show more content…
They used a phrase that was catchy so that it was easy to remember and say.
In "Food Marketing and Childhood Obesity- A Matter of Policy," published in The New England Journal of Medicine on June 15, 2006, Dr. Marion Nestle states that "…by two years of age, most children can recognize products in supermarkets and ask for them by name." Kids that young knowing the names of products is a direct result from marketing. A parent who cares for their child will not teach them names of food that are not healthy to them. Usually at the age of two, kids would be learning how to say the "A-B-Cs" and learning how to count from "1-10". The only way that kids can learn names of products is by commercials that air on television. Remember the Tony the Tiger from the Kellogg 's commercials. His slogan that he would always say was "They 're Grrreatt!" I remember when I was a kid I would always say it after I finished eating my cereal. The only time I would say it was when I ate the Frosted Flakes that had Tony the Tiger on the box of the cereal. Though I was not two at the time, more of about six-seven, the Frosted Flake 's commercials did have an effect on me because it made me think that I accomplished something when I ate the cereal. It pretty much brainwash me to thinking I was great if I ate that cereal. That could be what kids feel when they see a television commercial. They may feel that if they see the kids on the television

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