Obesity Is A Disease?

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Obesity is a disease. There is no way around that but how can America 's Society help? How can someone prevent this? How can this disease be cured? Do you schools play an important role in a child’s health? Even though someone may not seem obese they are and doctors and scientist have came up with the BMI scale to prove it. Someone can be very fit by playing sports and working out everyday but if their height and weight don’t meet at the appropriate spot on the chart then they are considered obese. Schools are having a huge impact on today 's youth due to the simple fact that they are changing the menus and vending machines. Unfortunately more and more children are being bullied for being bigger than what many say to be “normal size”. Schools are trying to also prevent bullying but everything can not be caught and not everything is told to authority. Many children are getting away with bullying. Obesity and overweight are two totally different things. Just because you are overweight does not mean you are obese quite yet. Being overweight just means you are a little too big for your height and age. Child obesity is just the worst because they are starting young. For the simple fact that children tend to make unhealthy food choices and eating habits. Go for the junk food instead of the fruit. Not all children but many. Family and social interactions have an influence on what children eat. Friends and television have a big influence because your friends are eating something and

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