Objectives Of A Business During The Survival Stage Essay

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Survival Strategies A survival strategy is the aims and objectives of a business during the survival stage. During the survival stage businesses may sell assets or cut costs. Some businesses may make employees redundant to help the organisation stay stable and survive. There are many advantages of survival are that businesses may be more motivated to make sales. Companies may rethink their strategy during this time and become successful. Disadvantages are when the business cut costs that may affect the quality of the product. This may affect sales or potentially cause losses. A business such as Silverseal Glass and Glazing may implement this strategy. Many businesses are often faced with developing many strategies to survive. This would create actions like downsizing the business to be able to reduce the overall cost and possibly making employees redundant. This all can mean coming out of less profitable markets, discontinuing less profitable products. This all can occur to balance out the businesses official books at the end of each calendar month. Branding (Importance in Influencing Buyer Behaviour, Brand Building, Positioning, Brand Extension) Branding is very important for businesses to do well in. This affects the consumer’s decision whether they want to buy their particular product or service. The way the company has been advertised will affect the opinions of the public people outside the organisation. This can cause a decrease in sales and profit and possibly a
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