Observation Of An Object

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Object A I believe that the object was a scroll that was hung up within the community for people of different classes to see. The different sections and levels within the object denotes the class hierarchy, as well as the different job occupations that were available in that area at that time. I noticed that the “pharaoh or king” was located in the middle of the object with “guards” holding their weapons placed behind him, and his subjects placed in front of him offering gifts. There is also a pew-like area where a person is seen kneeling to the pharaoh, perhaps asking for a favor. Underneath the pharaoh/king I noticed tiny figures holding supportive structures as if to support the king above them. I concluded that they were probably slaves or people of lowest rank. Next to the figures holding the umbrellas, I noticed two figures, one figure seemed to have…show more content…
I believe she is a goddess and not a “god” because she has breasts and has female genitalia. Additionally, her figure is feminine and curvaceous. The figure on the object is standing on top of two lions (symbolizing war) and is flanked by two owls. This lead me to believe she could have been the goddess of justice, war or even love. Since she was standing on top of two lions, this could of symbolized fearlessness and protecting one’s family (since lions are pack animals). Another reason why I believe that this object depicts a goddess is because she has wings and talons for feet. Even though I know that not all gods/goddesses had animal/other-worldly attributes, no ordinary commoner would have been carved and depicted with wings and talons. The goddess also wore a crown that was four layers that could of resembled snakes or it could have been a wig. In her hands were two objects that resembled a musical instrument, since they’re identical on each side it could have been a symbol for
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