Obsessive Compulsive Disorder According to Transactional Analysis

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Obsessive compulsive disorder is identified as a psychological dysfunction where a person experiences elaborated thoughts that intrude with their normative functioning ( ). These thoughts are typically rational however their constant recurrence can make it difficult for a person to accomplish tasks that are important in daily functioning. The manifestations of these thoughts are also observable though ritualized actions. Actions are also interfering and exhibit the OCD individual's constant struggle to neutralize their mood and reduce negative thinking (Ferrier & Brewin, 2004). Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been the most popular method of treatment among clinicians treating OCD however it is important to address the affects of …show more content…

Constant thought interference is a strong precursor toward negative outcomes.
An example is peers relations; during adolescence it's very important. OCD Children will often miss out on opportunities to master social skills. During this developmental stage however establishing identification with others peers is necessary because it's these earlier identifications with others that predicts self-assurance and well-being later in life. The basis of CBTs is that our thoughts cause our feelings and behavior to react the way it does. In the case of adolescents, CBT can be preventive and help them with isolation from school work, peers, and other school activities. This treatment is very helpful with alleviating thoughts that cause behavioral problems through interactive homework assignments and verbal exchange between the patient and therapist. Though CBT might not be as successful during the childhood stage of development, when limitation for future thoughts are less prevalent, during adolescence CBT should be more effective since this stage of development is where the capacity for abstract thought emerges ( ).
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can prevent developmental issues with OCD by voiding internal unwanted feelings. Studies have proven that Adults with OCD truly benefit from CBT. CBT helps the child to internalize a strategy for resisting OCD, however that is dependent on a clear understanding

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