Occ Is A Maryland Corporation

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OCC is a Maryland corporation that exists to serve utility companies and process telephone calls from individual who intend to undertake excavation projects. OCC maintains contracts for its services in a number of states across the county. At the time OCC was incorporated, it was completely owned by Thomas Hoff (“Hoff”). Volkman was hired by OCC in 1984. When Volkman was hired she held the title of Director of Operation. In 1993, Volkman entered into an employment agreement whereby Volkman would serve as vice president of OCC at its corporate office in Minnesota. Under this agreement, Volkman could only be terminated for “Good Cause,” or upon fifteen days prior notice. Volkman’s responsibilities as vice president of OCC included, but were not limited to, facilitating acquisitions, making hiring decisions, and establishing policies and procedures. Additionally, Volkman was tasked with maintaining a contract in Minnesota with Gopher State One Call (“GSOC”). Indeed, Volkman was a longtime employee of OCC who had worked her way up through the organization and was highly valued. She was also highly compensated, earning in excess of $400,000 per year. In or around 2007, Hoff expressed an intent to divest himself of his interest in OCC and retire. In recognition that much of OCC’s value is derived from Hoff’s association with the company, Hoff created Hanover as a holding company that existed for the only purpose of owning shares of OCC. Under this arrangement, Hoff

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