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Michel Kripalani and Oceanhouse Media: Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur

Jodi Watson

Describe Michel Kripalani’s entrepreneurial journey to date. What are the lessons from this journey for entrepreneurs?

Michel Kripalani’s entrepreneurial journey began after he graduated from UCSD with a degree in visual arts media. Kripalani’s first startup was “MOOV Design, a computer graphics firm.” He founded Presto Studios in 1991, was the CEO and created the Journeyman Project series and Myst III: Exile. He closed Presto studios in 2002, taking a break and traveling, and then worked at Autodesk, a publicly-traded digital media firm, from 2004 to 2009. In 2009 he founded his third start-up Oceanhouse Media.

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The brand can be one they build themselves or one that they can partner with, as Kripalani did with Dr. Seuss and was the recognition they need to stand out in the competitive marketplace of apps. Entrepreneurs shouldn’t overspend on development. Entrepreneurs don’t know how successful their app will be until it’s out there so they should plan and spend wisely and be conservative with their ROI predictions. They should also continue to monitor their apps and watch market trends. From this, they can apply that knowledge to creating their next apps or updating their existing apps. That applies to developing the app as well as marketing it. One of the most important lessons for entrepreneurs is to be passionate about their work and love the apps they create. They should apply their passions to what they want to achieve as this will drive sales and be a key to their success.

Evaluate the economics of the digital applications market in terms of growth and profitability. How has Oceanhouse Media performed in this market?

Growth in the Apps Market
As noted in the case, “the growth in the apps market is closely tied to the growth in the market for mobile devices, both smartphones and tablet computers that are connected to cell phone networks.” Revenues from mobile apps have been on the rise and forecasts indicate a continual increase. Forecasts were made for revenue from mobile

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