Essay on Marketing Northern Verginia Community College to the World

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Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA), which is the second largest multi-campus college in the United States, provides educational services to a wide range of students from diverse backgrounds, with an international student population of 20% based on the 2011-2012 academic year. This was based on more than 76,000 students holding places in credit courses and an additional 23,000 holding places in non-credit courses, and the overall number of people involved with the college is increased dramatically through the community activities which are undertaken as this encompassed more than 300,000 individuals. The faculty itself is managed and supported by 1,800 full-time faculty, administrator, and staff members who provide …show more content…

NOVA clearly confirmed that ‘the goal of the campaign was focused on branding. And there was a definite boost in mobile Web traffic during the campaign window. We sense a substantial increase in local engagement with the brand on mobile platforms’ (Northern Virginia Community College, 2013).

Strategy Employed to Accomplish Goal The strategy employed by NOVA as a means of accomplishing these goals incorporated several specific elements. The first was the need to determine and understand the relevance of mobile phone ownership and utilization within the U.S and then, extend this to the specific utilization of smartphones which would allow for mobile access to dynamic Internet content and apps. Smartphone usage across the U.S exceeded 60% utilization by early 2013 and continues to grow which outlines the potential benefits of targeting such users across specific marketing campaigns. For the purposes of the NOVA campaign the demographic of smartphone users was also evaluated in order to determine the number of users in their targeted age range that would be using such a system. For the courses and services that NOVA offer, a target demographic of people aged between 18-34 years of age is expected to provide the largest section of students and this section of the population makes up over 45% of smartphone users, as the schematic below

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