Octavius' Misunderstanding of Teamwork with Julius Ceasar

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What is teamwork? Teamwork is a group of people working together effectively and efficiently to achieve a common goal. To me, I don’t think that Octavius understood the role of teamwork or team play. He sometimes made sure it was only about him and nobody else. What was the cause of Octavius's reaction, what triggered his emotions?
Octavius, also known as Augustus, is the adopted son of Julius Caesar. Julius Ceasar was killed because many people were threatened by his power and being crowned the king of Rome. Octavius was the biological son of Gaius Octavius. Gaius was married to the daughter of Julia Caesar who happened to be the sister of the great Julius Ceasar. His father ended up dying only when he was four years old, and he ended up being adopted by Julius Caesar. After Julius was killed Octavius, Lepidus, and Mark Antony planned on fighting Brutus and Cassius to take over the Roman Empire. Brutus and Cassius plotted to kill and Caesar and take over the Rome. After they killed Caesar, many Romans were upset with the situation at the capitol. Octavius isn’t present during the funeral of Caesar; Antony is on the other hand, and Brutus decides to let him speak at the funeral. Being a dumb decision on Brutus’s, Antony goes up and starts speaking the crowd and eventually turns the whole crowd against the two villains. After Caesar has died, Rome immediately goes into war with itself, and is breaking the country apart. I feel that Octavius is trying to rule the country
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