Of Sherman Alexe And Phil Klay's Flight Patterns?

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T’abren Wallace
Dr. Coyle
English 102
28th March 2018
Post 9-11 with Sherman Alexie and Phil Klay’s Books
Even though, we are slowly but surely putting an end to terrorism in the United States because in the story by Phil Klay "Redeployment"; he uses vulgar language to get his points across. In Sherman Alexie's story "Flight Patterns”, he shows us in his story that everyone is not bad just because they are a different race. Each story allows you to visualize different points of views such as terrorism and can led you back to post 9-11 and how the world was spilt apart.
Phil Klay's intense story allows us as a reader to not only understand how he felt while being deployed but also it allows him to express his feelings to himself. This story allows us as Americans to think back to after 9-11 and what other things we need to work on as Americans.
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You can't, until you’re in your first firefight, or the first time an IED goes off..."(Klay 12). This quote and statement from Klay allows us as readers to think back to when 9-11 happened: “Those living on the East Coast of the United States may recall the beautiful late summer day of September 11, 2001” (Sides 69).
This was the day the planes and the Twin Towers blew up into flames. After the towers went into flames, many Americans stopped and could not look at foreigners the same or even the fact that we were not prepared as a nation for such an attack.
This also relates to Sherman Alexie's story, "Flight Patterns". Alexie shows us that we are stereotyping people by their skin color such as this from his story: “What are you?” The driver

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