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Kalamazoo County Department of Health and Human Services agency is the host to many assistance programs and services that aid in the advancement of our community. The organization was originally created in 1965 and was named “Department of Social Services” (, 2017). In 1995 it was renamed “Family Independence Agency”; in April 2015, Governor Snyder decided that the Department of Human Services (DHS) would merge with the Department of Community Health (DCH) to create the Department of Health and Human Services. Hence the name Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) was born. The DHHS office “provides public assistance, child, and family welfare services, and oversees health policy and management” …show more content…

This form assesses the potential foster families on whether or not they are equipped to take care of children. The beginning of the 3120-A gives information on the potential foster parent such as date of birth and whether there is a legal relationship between the adult and child in care. The form also discusses whether or not there are any additional member(s) of the household that needs clearance during the background check. The next section of the 3130 is information on the potential foster families criminal history and whether they are on the central registry for crimes against children. This assessment also requires the worker to get more details if criminal history exists and whether or not this can potentially prohibit direct placement.
The next portion of the assessment goes into a description of the home. During this portion of the questionnaire, the worker and potential family will tour the home. The worker will make a notation on rooms condition, layout, and appearance of the home. During this time the worker will also discuss and review potential safety hazards, this can include weapons in the home, medications, and pets. If any of the following are in the home the worker will discuss a plan of action to ensure the safety of the child in the home.
Financial and employment status is also assessed in addition to notifying the potential family that there is hardly financial gain in fostering children. This also lets the worker know the source of income,

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