Oj Simpsmas My Family Character Analysis

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On October 3, 1994, OJ simpson was on trial for killing his wife Nicole Simpson. The police had enough evidence to put Mr.Simpson away. When the verdict decided if he was guilty or not, they decided there was no possible way he would kill his wife. They police found his blood in his Bronco, and his former wife Nicole had bought him a pair of extra large gloves which was found at the Simpson home of the day of the murder. Let’s say that a guy was influenced by OJ Simpson to kill somebody because they think they can get away with murder because OJ did. In all honesty since this guy is not a celebrity, he will not get away with murder. People have a major influence on your characteristics, these people include your parents, the media, and celebrities. To begin with, your parents are a huge part of your characteristics. You live with your parents a good part of your life. They teach you the difference between right and wrong, that apparently you’ll use for your kids, like not talking back. Let’s say your parents were not there to tell you not to talk back to , then you think it would be alright to talk back to people. You would have no respect for anybody, which respect is apart of your characteristics. Every Christmas my family and I go to Florida. We go there a week before Christmas and on Christmas day we open our Christmas presents there. My family, making this tradition, has made me take a vow to keep this tradition going with my kids. My parents have influenced me in
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