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Executive Summary

The most striking trend in business today is the growing internationalization of markets worldwide. This is true for everything from airlines to automobiles, banking to burgers. Moving into International markets opens up new opportunities throughout the world for expansion and growth. Before deciding whether to operate internationally, a company must understand the international marketing environment. The international marketer must study the unique Economic, political-legal, technological and Socio-cultural environments that reflects the countries attractiveness as a market.

Literature review section looks at the increased globalization of world markets. A rationale for international trade is outlined, followed by an
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This aromatic white coffee soon gained popularity within the township and news of its unique taste spread beyond Ipoh to other flourishing towns.

In 1998, the launch of the OLDTOWN White Coffee Classic 3-in-1 instant fulfilled their dream to let people bring OLDTOWN back into their homes. This product has gained wide acceptance in several Asian countries. The OLDTOWN Brand has evolved and crossed over into the food and beverage business in the form of the retail chains of OLDTOWN F & B Outlets. The flagship in Ipoh has grown successfully into a full-fledged franchise chain which stands at 166 outlets as of July 2010 in Malaysia and Singapore .

2.0 Literature Review
Globalization has altered the nature and scope of strategy and competitiveness for most firms (Melin, 1992; Zahra & George, 2002). Increased market liberalization, the use of information and communication technology and innovative supply chain management practices have increased the opportunities to internationalize for all enterprises (George et al., 2005; Westhead et al., 2001). Firms need to be well equipped with resources to successfully compete in international markets (Dunning, 2000; Eriksson et al., 1997; Peng 2001).

Widespread movement into international markets by companies of all types has made an increasing number of product markets global or regional rather than domestic in scope (Craig, C.S & Douglas, S.P. 1995). The trend towards globalization has not been
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