Old Woman And Loving Wife Of Rusty Yates

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On June 20, 2001, Andrea Yates, a 46 year old woman and loving wife of Rusty Yates, murdered her five children. First, Andrea drowned her three youngest boys in their bathtub, removed them from the water, laid them on her bed, and then covered them with a bedsheet. Next she drowned her daughter, Mary, and as she was doing so, her oldest son, Noah, asked what was wrong with his sister. Once he saw that Mary was mangled in the bathtub, he started to run away from Andrea. Andrea chased Noah and forcefully held him underwater until his breathing diminished. Next, she grabbed Mary out of the tub and laid her in her three brothers, John, Paul, and Luke’s laps, leaving Noah’s disfigured body suspended in the tub. Andrea’s psychological status began to deviate from normal when she was impregnated with Mary and she ceased to take her prescribed medication, Haldol. Although advised by doctors not to have another child, the Yate’s did otherwise. Andrea was coping with the burden of an extra responsibility until shortly after her father, Andrew Kennedy, passed away. After Andrew’s death, Andrea’s sanity plummeted. She returned to her previous reclusive life and wouldn’t speak or consume fluids. She wouldn’t feed her children because she believed they consumed too much sustenance. Due to Andrea’s signs of depression, she visited Dr. Mohammed Saeed, who claimed that Andrea was not psychotic. Dr. Saeed suggested that Andrea schedule appointments to speak with a psychologist and that she

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