Older Women Having Babies Essay

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Nicole is sitting in the doctor’s office for the first time. She is waiting patiently as the small round clock in the corner of the room ticks away at a snails pace. She suddenly hears footsteps coming from the other side of the door. Nicole puts her sweaty palms together as she sees the doctor enter the room with some blue papers in his hands. The doctor quickly looks at Nicole then turns away clearing his throat, “I have examined the test results that we just completed; you are pregnant but there are some complications.” “Complications? What do you mean doctor? I’m healthy. I’ve been healthy all my life. I never had a problem getting pregnant. What could be the problem?” “Well, you are pregnant with your first child at the age of 37.…show more content…
Chromosomes contain genetic information that is passed down from the parents to the child. The possibility of a mistake during cell division rise as a woman ages, therefore; the chances of chromosomal dysfunction increases. “All genetic abnormalities increase as the egg gets older.”(Cohen, and Bonifield) Each female is born with a certain amount of eggs, these eggs do not multiply and you cannot add more. During each menstrual period a female loses one of her eggs, and these cannot be replaced. As a female gets older so does her eggs, therefore, during the division of cells it leaves a lot of room for mistake. If the chromosome pair does not split and separate the egg will have 24 chromosomes not the 23 that are needed. The difference of only one chromosome can change the faith of the child from being normal to having down syndrome. “In the 1st trimester miscarriages occur because of chromosomal abnormality in the fetus.” ("Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia") As a result, older woman have a much higher chance at some chromosomal disorder when they are having children at an older age. “Down syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by an error in cell division.” (Cohen, and Bonifield) As explained above, it is the
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