`` One Good Question `` By Ray Anderson

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In the chapter “One good question” in Confessions of a Radical Industrialist, author Ray Anderson (2010) alerts that even though industries (including his) were very successful in different aspects, their actions were dangerous and were mistaken.
1) The Beginning of Interface
According to Anderson, Interface, a modern and innovative industry producing carpets tiles for different needs, was founded in 1973 (p. 8). Interface was a fast, profitable and growing business thanks to the concept of Carpet Tiles, which Anderson brought from his trip to England. In addition, Anderson claims he was considered as a Hero with a very successful business, even though he wasn’t bothered by the fact of the drastic amount of energy his company was consuming (well enough to power a city) (p. 8). Interface manufactured carpet tiles using a lot of oil-derived products (Anderson, p.8). Anderson states that although all the pollution and waste Interface was generating, the company meant progress for everyone, money, and it was totally legal in every aspect (p. 9).
2) The question
Anderson points out that he was never concerned about his company’s affect on the environment until he received the question (p. 9). In fact, the question asked what the company was doing in favour of the environment. Due to this, Anderson states that customers are in first place before everything else for Interface. Consequently, Anderson highlights the importance of any claims or question customers have
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