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One of the most first essential steps when implementing a marketing plan is to identify the research problem. Marketing research helps to identify a series of problems, also known as “research questions” that are crucial for achieving targeted objectives through a marketing plan. The Chicken Coop, however, had two different proposals proposed by McMicheal and Wallace while seeing drops in sales across the firm were identified. McMicheal identified the issue in operation, while Wallace tackled the brand image and marketing activities. Hence the firm needed to establish a new marketing research in order to stay in its competition and decision proposed by two must be decided.
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As a results, new employees were inadequately trained thereby creating a worsening of services provided to customers. Thus, rather than inspecting the cause by visiting in the field, along with the CEO, an appropriate research method should be employed for further exploring this problem. One suggestion may be to include a survey for customers so that a level of customer service can be analyzed and enhanced. Proposed Methodologies
One of the critical matter when developing a marketing plan is to identify the research methodology. The followings were proposed by Buckmeister the CEO, Wallance, and McMicheal;
• Taste Tests: The purpose of the taste test is to gather objective source about food quality, relative to the competition. One way to conduct this method is to gather local customers to actually taste its products. However, it requires additional funds and thus, creates an economical burden.
• Brand Image Monitoring Surveys: The purpose of this method is to gather quantitative data on the firm’s brand image via telephonic survey. Although this is an uneconomical method, this may affect firm’s brand image as a whole, since some consumer may perceive this as telephone marketing scheme, besides funds may be greater depending on its quantitative research performed.
• The Customer Experience Study: The purpose of this study is to gather sources on how customers view their

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