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Week 3 Assignment

1. The occupation I researched was in the field of corrections. Finding specific information on this occupation using O*NET was not difficult at all. For this assignment I was provided with step-by-step instructions on how to get to the “ My Next Move” page where a person can type in keywords to research careers. At first glance the site can look intimidating but like any other site if you read the information provided the page will help guide you in the right direction. I feel that a person navigating through the site can still reach the locations they desire if they familiarize themselves with the page and once again, read the information given. As I began reading information I noticed that each heading or subtitle …show more content…

The Spanish version database “maintains the same format and file structure as the English 4.0 version. This can be a pretty accurate tool to answer questions HR may have involving language barriers and a good format for Spanish speaking “job seekers, students, and other career explorers” (O*NET, 2010) to utilize the same wealth of information.

4. I would most certainly have my staff use this site for several reasons. As mentioned earlier, this site contains so much information and different helpful tools to assist with HRM I think a company would do itself an injustice not utilizing all that it has to offer. Consistently updated information, easy to read instructions, examples, and point and click functions available at no cost all wrapped up in a complete package make this at tool HR should not be without. I would have my staff use this site to keep our job analysis up to date and accurate. When seeking potential employees it is in the interest of the company as well as the applicant that the job seeker understands exactly what the company is in search of and what they expect from them. Since the company web site has become the most popular recruiting method it is that much more important that job listing be accurate with the job specifications that “state the minimum acceptable qualifications that the incumbent must possess to perform the job successfully” (DeCenzo, Robbins, 2012). The job specifications provide

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