Online Gaming Addiction Among Teenagers

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Impact of the issue related with gaming

The playing of online games impacts teenage gamers socially, educationally, ethically and psychologically on teenagers. This issue involves numerous stake holders. They are mainly teenagers, parents, friends, policeman, and the game company.

The advantage of playing online game is that it allows people to communicate to numerous numbers of others from different cultural backgrounds and countries. In the game, a gamer may want to exchange his item with someone. Therefore, he/she has to negotiate with others. Repetition of this negotiation can develop a gamer’s social skills. The disadvantage of online gaming is that spending most of free time in front of a monitor wills remove teenagers from
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Family therapist can apply several strategies to increase communication skills among adolescent clients suffering from gaming addiction. Role playing conversation is helpful to build their confidence. This helps an adolescent practice using eye contact when speaking to other people and develops listening skills, things they can’t do online.
Group support for gaming addiction-
Since gaming addiction is relatively new, it can be hard to find a real-life support group dedicated to the issue like Alcoholics Anonymous or Gamblers Anonymous. If that is a simultaneous problem for you, however, attending groups can help you work through your alcohol or gambling problems as well. Sex Addicts Anonymous may be another place to try if you are having trouble with cybersex. There may also be groups where you can work on social and coping skills, such as for anxiety or depression.
There are some Internet addiction support groups on the Internet. However, these should be used with caution. Although they may be helpful in orienting you and pointing you in the right direction, you need real-life people to best benefit from group support.
Helping a friend or family member with gaming addiction
Tips to helping others with online gaming addiction
- Be a good role model. Manage the Internet and computer use in your own life well.
- Introduce the Internet addict to other people who handle
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