Online Gaming Addiction Using Official Mental Disorder Essay

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Kuss and Griffiths (2011) This study suggest that excessive gaming may actually lead to symptoms that substance addicts commonly experience from their abuse of different drugs. Games usually apply to children, adolescents and young adults. These groups are at higher ricks for developing gaming addiction because they are still growing. The review wants to present the classification basis of online gaming addiction using official mental disorder frameworks (Kuss & Griffiths 2011). To also identify other studies that go into detail about online gaming addiction in children and adolescents, also show the findings and pit them against related mental disorder criteria.
The empirical review in this study shows first how much children and adolescents have put into gaming over time. In 2010, both video and PC game software retail sales amounted to approximately $15.5 (US) billion (as cited in Johnson, 2011). Games now have the ability to create massive worlds that let players develop their own alter egos and avatars as they see fit. Having the whole world to join into with anyone one at any time at any location that the user sees fit; making extremely massive committees that grow day to day. Making these games fully immerse in a virtual reality setting, in which the world can be shape as those deemed it to be shaped. A recent systematic literature review suggests that it is particularly excessive engagement with “Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game” (MMORPGs) that can

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