Online Research : The Microblogging And Public Sphere

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1. Research Topic and Question
The topic of this Online Research is about the Microblogging and Public Sphere. Microblogging is a new type of online social platform appeared in recent year. An example of such case is Weibo in China, which was released in October, 2006 and now it is an ideal tool of public communication among the Chinese netizens (Mou, 2014). Ma (2013) mentioned that, different from the traditional social networking, such as Facebook, in which users are more likely to link back to their real life. This means Microblogging makes its users focus more on things they are interested in which might be less connected to their daily life. Besides, according to a statistics, the proportion of Weibo users occupied more than 50% of the total internet population (CNNIC, 2013, cited in Mou, 2014).
Therefore, it is worth to discuss the consequences brought by Microblogging for its users to disseminate the information in public sphere. In this case, one research question can be ‘Do people can improve their political participation through scanning and commenting on Weibo’. This question aims to explore the effects of Microblogging, especially Weibo, that whether such platform can let people discuss about politics more freely in order to generate positive influences.
2. Research Method
The method has been chosen for this Online Research is interview bases on online radio/video software, such as Skype. This is because the research is consists of several open-ended questions.

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