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* Define industry and Product segment Shopping centers are purpose built complexes which can contain retail shops, restaurant and other eateries, service such banks and leisure facilities such as cinemas and bowling alleys. The Australia shopping centre industry comprises companies that build, develop and manage shopping centers in Australia. There shopping centre owners derive income from charging tenants, such as retail shop owners, banks and restaurant, rent for the space that they occupy and maintenance for operating the shopping centre. Rent are charged to tenants based on supply and demand. * Industry Value chain Purchase the land and building the shopping centre., choose the high traffic and volume location + Lease …show more content…

So they can away to bear high rent in shopping centre or move outside to shopping centre | Switching suppliers | Easy | Proportion of supplier’s cost | No significant | Supplier information available | Access online | Supplier profit competitive market and a few major player determine market trends and customer offerings. Buyer power is high as buyer have alternative channel for the product, switch cost are low and widespread availability of information reduce. This made buying oversea on the internet a cheaper alternative to buying goods locally. The consumer has the power from easily finding out everything about the product, not just the best price available but, equally importantly, how the product has been reviewed by others. Consideration | Response | Buyer backward integrate | Unlikely | Alternative supplier | Plenty | Substituted for

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