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Unit 28 web production
Webzy Geek – All about web architecture and components
Have you ever wondered how the internet works? Webzy Geek is here to help. This article will help you understand the web architecture and components needed to make the internet work.
What is an internet service provider (ISP)?
Internet service providers are organisations that provide internet connections to people using connected devices (smartphones, laptops etc.). These organisations usually charge a fee to be able to access the worldwide web. Internet service providers are most commonly connected using a phone line (dial up) or broadband connection. ISPs often provide users with subsidiary services such as e-mail accounts web browsers or even web security. In order to access a website such as Amazon Retail Company, a pc user must be connected to the internet. The ISP such as virgin media broadband receives a request to access and give permission to access the site based on their requirements. ISP’s usually provide their customers with a data usage plan. Virgin media for example provide their customers with unlimited allowance to use the internet.
Why are ISPs necessary?
ISPs are important. Without them many people will be without access to the internet. ISPs are also important to businesses as they need internet connections to maintain their network systems or online databases.
Examples of ISPs
• Virgin media
• British Telecom
• Sky
What is a web hosting service?
Web hosting…
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