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Unit 28 web production
Webzy Geek – All about web architecture and components
Have you ever wondered how the internet works? Webzy Geek is here to help. This article will help you understand the web architecture and components needed to make the internet work.
What is an internet service provider (ISP)?
Internet service providers are organisations that provide internet connections to people using connected devices (smartphones, laptops etc.). These organisations usually charge a fee to be able to access the worldwide web. Internet service providers are most commonly connected using a phone line (dial up) or broadband connection. ISPs often provide users with subsidiary services such as e-mail accounts web browsers or even web security. In …show more content…

Web hosts provide server spaces to allow web services and maintenance for websites. They are controlled by and individual or a company that have their own servers.

Why are web hosting services important?
Web hosting services are important for individuals or large organisations. They provide and ensure that your website is safe and available throughout the year.
What is the internet?
The internet is a global network of millions of computers which help exchange news, emails, and opinion polls to more than one hundred countries. They are all connected through different local area networks and web servers, which are connected around the world through transoceanic cables.
What is a domain name registrar?
Domain name registrars are organisations that provide individuals or companies with a particular web address. Usually the person or company looking to register their site would pay a fee to keep the name. This is so that other companies do not acquire the web address. If the name already exists then you cannot use it. Most domain name registrars also provide a web hosting service.
What is a Domain Structure?
A Domain structure is how a web address is presented.

HTTP is a protocol used by the worldwide web. HTTP stands for hypertext transfer protocol. HTTP describes how messages are formatted and transmitted. HTTP also helps

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