Teaching Myself Good Work Habits

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For my experiment, I’m going to be training myself. I will be teaching myself how to work out without taking it lightly and without missing a day. I’m going to teach myself that with good habits I can do whatever I want. Normally, I’m lazy so I don’t like to go to the gym if it’s not mandatory but for this experiment I’m going to force myself. For this experiment, I will be using the positive reinforcement so after I go to the gym I’m going to get an award. I choose the positive reinforcement over the others because with this method it will help my behavior to be repeated. By using the negative reinforcement, I’m going to have to remove an unpleasant stimulus if I don’t go to the gym and I won’t be motivate. By putting a punishment it can decrease the frequency of my behavior. My reinforce after going to the gym will be my friend has to cook for me at night, because I’m always hungry at night, I don’t know how to cook and the cafeteria is close, so I got my friend helping me. My reinforce is going to be considering as a primary reinforce because it is a naturally reinforcing. My schedule of reinforcement will be the fixed interval. It will reinforce the first response after a fixed time period that will be every time I finish working out. I choose this schedule of reinforcement over the others because in the fixed-ratio schedules I didn’t like that fact that after a certain number I get my reinforce. In the variable ratio and the variable interval, I didn’t liked that it’s

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