Operation Management Term Paper

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Operation Management:
Operations Management activities are at the core of all business organizations.

Main Tenets of Operation Management: * Facility Management * Capacity Planning * Forecasting * Quality Management * Inventory Management * Resource Management

Sodexho Dinning Services:
Sodexho, Inc. is the leading provider of integrated food and facilities management services in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, serving 10 million customers in 6,000 locations every day. Our dedication to excellent service, corporate citizenship, and fighting hunger all come from one goal - to make every day a better day.
Quality of Life Services for:
Senior Services
Colleges and Universities
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Many cafeterias don’t have enough storage space that the eatable stuffs are handing around the food preparation and delivery counters and ultimately lead to insufficient cafeteria capacity
Cafeteria Layout Key # 2 - Setup your food preparation correctly. The food preparation area should be near the food storage and cooking workstation follows by the delivery counter. This will reduce the employee’s movement and cut down the inefficiency.
Cafeteria Layout Key # 3 - Plan the Food preparation Area carefully. Be aware that food preparation area should not be congested and well spacious in size and type of cooking apparatuses in order to staff safety and protection from electrical hazards.
Cafeteria Layout Key # 4 - Food service should large enough to prevent bottle-necks. Many time architects and inexperienced owners don't allow for enough room in the food service workstation which causes back-ups, dropped trays and plates, and worst of all cold food!
Cafeteria Layout Key # 5 - Plan for an efficient dishwashing operation in order to wash the juice, coffee, cold drinks and other food maker’s apparatuses. Work station
Keep in mind the above cafeteria key layout. Kitchen design should emphasize planning for proper work flow. Aesthetics, cabinetry, and appliances
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