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Case: Operations Management at Toyota 2
Conclusion 3
Case: Southwest Airlines Operation Management 3
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Southwest Airlines Operations - A Strategic Perspective 7

Case: Operations Management at Toyota
Toyota is among the leading automobile manufacturers of the world selling almost 9 million models at all the five continents. Toyota has been awarded a position in the top 10 fortune global 500 enterprise and the company was ranked among the most renowned automaker and it have the dedication towards providing complete customer satisfaction. And the company has also tended to provide and shape up the effective set of values and principles which have
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The Toyota management also implemented the production system that helped in decreasing the chances of breakdown. Skilled operators are hired and teams are developed accordingly and some analytical processes were also developed and executed. Toyota management also emphasized upon team building and team work for the execution of operation management and also encouraged the decision making process in which all the team members should be involved.

The operation management is the area of management which is concerned with the designing, overseeing and the redesigning of the operations of the business in the production of service and product . It also involves to ensuring the operations are effective and efficient while using less resource that is reducing the cost. Toyota Company is world’s renowned manufacturing firm and it has proved itself also in the market. The operation management they are focused upon is very effective as they have adopted the change of the market and they know very clearly that what the requirement of the customer is. The involvement of the company employees in the decision making process is also visible. The quality management department is also very much focused upon the better quality of the product.
The processes that are adopted by the company are also very efficient and they are always in the process of adopting the change. The process building the finished goods involves the suppliers
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