Operations Management Defined and in Context

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Business Operations (BIO0230) Assignment 2012/13

Student: Vanessa Sears
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Operations Management Defined and in Context

Operations Management has evolved over many years and is now considered a critical function in any business, as supported by J.R Meredith, “operations is critical to success in today’s economy” ( P35, Meredith 1992). Businesses need to have faster production, cheaper prices, better quality products and fast delivery to be competitive. How an operations manager manages the production of goods or services effects how competitive the offering and how successful the business will then go on to be. In this assignment I am going to use Nestle and Heathrow airport as examples …show more content…

An operations manager that has no strategy or tactics to be the most effective and efficient they can be, will just fail in any line of business today. There has to be strategy and tactics applied to the 5 basic Performance objectives (Slack et al, 2010 p40) as examples here we can compare between Nestle and Heathrow. Both highly successful businesses in their industries and truly lead the way in operations control and management. Both companies are likely to want to achieve similar goals of customer satisfaction and to remain competitive in their arena, let’s look at the kind of things that they do to achieve their performance objectives based around Slacks ideas.

First of all let’s look at the process for both businesses on a simple scale as I see it.

So what is involved at each stage and how does the operations manager ensure that the objectives of the business are being met.
Quality- Wanting to get things right for the customer, no errors.
Heathrow need to ensure that passengers have a smooth run from arrival to departure but also then that the airplanes are able to run on time and limit delays. Buses run from the car parks regularly to get passengers transported easily to the terminal where they will check in, go through passport control and security, all these areas are where issues

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