Operations Management Report . . Module Title: Operations

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Operations Management Report

Module Title: Operations Management
Module Number: BS2108
Module Coordinator: Peter Atorough
Word Count:
Student Name: Ipek Budak
Student Number: 1404100

Executive Summary
This report will examine the

1. Introduction
2. Analysis and Discussion of Strategic Business Focus 2.1. Input – Transformation – Output Model
2.2. Five Operations Performance Objectives
3. Identification and Discussion of Operation Processes 3.1. Inputs 3.2. Core Process Type 3.3. Outputs 3.4. Flows 3.5. Physical Layout
4. Identification and Discussion of Key Operations Management
5. Recommendation of Sustainable Strategy
6. Conclusion’

1. Introduction
Firstly, (Slack et al., 2013, p) …show more content…

not prepared until order is placed. As in quality Sainsbury’s customer give recognition for the company in terms of fresh food, tasty food and safety of the environment. Sainsbury provides food at a reasonable price which attracts customers and opens stores to nearby neighbourhoods to provide easy access for customers.
Speed is the time of the customer requesting and receiving the product or service. Speed is also vital for the operations as faster the service the more willing the customer will be in buying the product. Starbucks speed performance depends on peak and off-peak hours such as in early mornings it can be extremely busy with long waiting hours for your order and be unable to find a table for eat-in and later in the day it can slow down and be relaxed. Sainsbury’s approach towards speed can be recognised by the company coordinating supply with demand meaning that the goods are available when stock has been reduced. To make the checkout process faster Sainsbury’s has self-outs in store which enables customers not wait for long at other checkouts with employees in charge. This also allows employees to deal with other tasks they are responsible within the store and makes the work environment more effective as other tasks are getting done quicker.
Dependability means if the company is keeping their promise and

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