Oppression Of Women In The Middle East

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From the beginning of time, women all around the world have been fighting to escape oppression. Women everywhere are living under the control of men and are often looked over; it has been an ongoing issue for years. Much too often women are treated as lesser human beings just because of their gender. Women and men both have the same capability to do great things in the world; it is just a matter of making it known. Throughout the years, many women have found their voice, but many have not. More specifically, women in Middle Eastern countries have fought to have education, jobs, and even basic human rights. Today in the United States it is common for women to be as in control and educated as men, but women in the Middle East are still fighting for that right. The women from these countries fear for their lives every time they attend school. Oppressed women in the Middle East are denied access to education that they must seek due to the negative economic, political, and cultural expectations placed on them. Negative economic expectations placed on oppressed women in the Middle East are holding them back from education. Parents of children admit that if there is money for only one child to be sent to school, they would send the son. In the Middle East it is not uncommon for men to be chosen over women for any given opportunity, and money is often an issue for many families and schools everywhere. A report by the Population Reference Beruea shows challenges women in the

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