Oprah Legislative Leadership Style

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Legislative leadership is a theory that Oprah demonstrates. This style of leadership is defined by creating, formulating, and planning for problem solution. In addition, legislative leaders prefer abiding by their own rules in order to build structure, and creatively solve problems. Oprah’s legislative leadership styles has not aided in improving the slim cable packages issue, which excludes OWN from programming. Customers are enticed by lower priced packages that only offer the most popular networks, and omit packages offering OWN. This has become a worsening issue without customers having a strong connection to the shows and movies OWN has to offer. From the beginning, “it was clear that viewers wanted to watch the network because of the relationship with Oprah...the early struggles of OWN can be attributed to the lack of compelling original programming, as well as the lack of Oprah on her own network” (Chen).
Though Oprah increased her involvement with the network during early programming, by introducing the talk show Oprah Prime in 2012, her involvement decreased when she decided to focus on other aspects of her career, such as joining the board of directors for Weight Watchers. As of recently, Oprah’s return to OWN’s programming has increased the network's performance once again, since customers who watch the network are generally her fans. However, Oprah’s wavering leadership structure, without consideration of more effective leadership styles, demonstrates how her

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