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The purpose of this document is to present to Orbital ATK management to discuss about why it is important to hire a full-time technical writer or writers in the workplace. The purpose is to describe the benefits of having a technical writer and how he/she can impact the company greatly.

Description/Background: In business, there’s people that rely on technical writers if they ever make mistakes towards there writing. At Orbital ATK we’re all about cooperating with each other and as employees, few of us became involved in strategic thinking and planning for our company. We are all actively involved in our projects and we would love to discuss them while we are developing with new and creative ideas for brainstorming new machinery for more production of product and quality. Sharing ideas and getting different kinds of inputs how optimize our staffs can be towards making better machinery and quality ammo for government and non-government officials along the way (Linton).

This proposal will show how beneficial it is to hire a full-time technical writer or writers. There’s much to discuss on what makes a technical writer and what can we use him or her for. Throughout observing the literature behind the importance of having a technical it can be quite help make our staffs improve more on the skills they need and the advice they can get whenever they get into some sort of trouble with their jobs. Along the discussions, there are different…
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