Organic Food Are Better Than Non Organic Food

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Organic food are better than non-organic food You are what you eat is an age-old saying that has been around for centuries in many societies around the globe. For a long time, people have taken this saying lightly, but recent research, as well as trends, indicates that people are beginning to agree that the saying holds some truth. Food is an important aspect of life for all organisms on earth, and the same also applies to human beings. Before agricultural revolution, survival and life for all human societies revolved around the search for food. In those days, the only concern people had from morning to evening was searching for food either through hunting or gathering. Gradually as societies began to emerge and people began farming and domesticating livestock, the resulting improvement in food security enabled people to start concentrating on other aspects of life apart from the search of food. This contributed to the emergence and development of the civilization we see in the modern times. Since the first wave of European immigrants began arriving in the east coast of America in the 15th century, agriculture has been an important industry in the United States. Today, the United States has grown to one of the world leading producer and market for food in the world market. The United States produces various plant and animal food both for export and local consumption. The country also imports various foods from different countries around the globe. Unsurprising, the issue

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