Organisational Development And Organizational Development

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The Organisational development article I have chosen gives context to Organisational development theories from early teachings to more recent academic research highlighting disconnect among OD researchers. The OD article is from the journal of applied behavioural science. Literature review explains shortcoming among OD research. I chose the OD article for the in-depth analysis of this subject from early theories to more recent models of practice. The author discusses the implications for researchers, practitioners, and teaching of OD as a subject. The authors of the OD article aims to give an in-depth analysis of which is of greater scope which is discussed in textbooks, journal articles and methods of early OD practitioners. The OD …show more content…

The OD article and the change article used literature review process to construct an argument based on their own research and research of other academics who study in the fields of Organisational development and change management. Both articles use a philosophical example to illustrate discourse among practitioners.

The Bushe’s & Marshak article(2009) is a well-rounded analysis and has own previously published peer-reviewed articles referenced. Bushe (2009) cited previous work on appreciative inquiry which demonstrates expertise in in change and development in organisations(Bushe & Kassam 2005). Bushes research of dialogic OD has been considered to give clarity by linking modern OD theory in a coherent way (Bartunek & Woodman 2015).

Armenakis & harris (2009) have developed a change model namely the five beliefs, which facilitates employees motivation to change(Jaros, S 2010). Employee focus regarding the implications of change was discussed, this issue was raised when Armenakis & harris(2009) discussed contextual analysis of an organisations redness to change(van den Heuvel, Demerouti, & Bakker, 2014). The authors of the change article discuses context of ethical change and belief this is an important consideration made by producing the five beliefs model incorporating readiness to change. The redness for

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