Organisations Are Increasingly Taking a More Strategic Approach to the Management of Their Human Resources

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Organisations are increasingly taking a more strategic approach to the management of their human resources. Explain why this may be so and discuss some of the conflicts and tensions that arise when attempting to integrate corporate and HR strategy.

This paper reviews and explains why organisations are increasingly taking a more strategic approach to managing their human resources function and integrating this function with the corporate strategy development of the organisation. The paper is divided into three key parts: • Introduction and Context – This section presents the issues and provides a brief context into the situation highlighting the resulting variances in the approaches taken by management. • Current Situation,
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Knowledge transfer was identified by the research of Easterby-Smith, Lyles & Tsang as critical in bringing the level of impact of the human resources function to a strategic level. There is less of a conflict in building the learning capability of the organisation from other examples. Nevertheless, the challenge is ensuring that the senior management and staff overall remain committed to the knowledge learning and development that will take place in their organisation even if they know that this will lead to increased importance and strategic role for the human resources function. In a large number of firms, the learning that occurs in organisation plays a considerable part in the success of these organisations (Ryan, Gospel & Lewis, 2007). • Ensuring support from the work force. A critical part in the evolution of the human resources function into one with a strategic role is the support of the work force. As the human resources function becomes a more strategic function, this could impact the way the work force is managed, and may lead some to disagree or challenge the changing status quo. This can be particularly challenging for firms which currently have unions in place that are not able to see and
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