Essay about Organization Behavior in Abbey College and City College

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Organization Behavior

Background information
As a result of the ongoing recession, the shareholders of Abbey College, which is a secondary and sixth form college, have made a decision to sell the struggling institution to City College. This acquisition implies that the staff at both institutions will from now on be merged and will all be under City College. Those from Abbey College will have their employment contracts renewed. The acquisition also makes the principal at Abbey College redundant while his management will report directly to City College principal, Mr. Adam Wakefield. This report analyses the organization and behavior issues surrounding this deal along with recommendations to City College principal on the way forward.
Relationship between organization structure and culture and its effects on performance
Organization structure is simply a plan showing the hierarchies in an organization and the connection between its tasks. It is the manner in which an organization is constituted. Some of the most common structures include short, tall, and matrix. Organization culture on the other hand refers to the unique ways of undertaking tasks and relationships in each organization. Organizations are different and so too are their cultures that are never similar in any two entities even when they have close structural similarities. The relationship between these two can have profound effects on the performance of an organization hence the need to address them…