Essay about Organization Behavior in Abbey College and City College

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Organization Behavior

Background information
As a result of the ongoing recession, the shareholders of Abbey College, which is a secondary and sixth form college, have made a decision to sell the struggling institution to City College. This acquisition implies that the staff at both institutions will from now on be merged and will all be under City College. Those from Abbey College will have their employment contracts renewed. The acquisition also makes the principal at Abbey College redundant while his management will report directly to City College principal, Mr. Adam Wakefield. This report analyses the organization and behavior issues surrounding this deal along with recommendations to City College principal on the way …show more content…

It could result in failure to make timely decisions either to take advantage of emerging opportunities or to respond to market fluctuations that could have negative impacts on the organization (Crant, 440, 2000). The tall structure does not support innovative organizations in which lower level non-managerial members, most of whom are technical professionals, have to contribute ideas toward developing better product offerings. This is the appropriate structure for City College because it now has a large number of employees, something that will require order within its ranks. In addition, the tall structure does not require much input from lower levels during the decision-making process. A short structure on the other hand has few hierarchal levels. It is very effective in an organization where there is direct involvement by the owner or where contributions from low- level professionals and free flow of information are encouraged. Another culture that supports this structure is the laissez-faire management environment in which employees are left to their own devices in accomplishing tasks with very little supervision. Such a structure works extremely well in the described cultures and leads to higher productivity. However, in a large organization with numerous products or covering wide geographical regions, it becomes ineffective because there are no clear reporting hierarchies. It could lead to disharmony and confusion. In

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