Organizational Behavior Unit At Harvard Business School

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Ranjay Gulati is the Jaime and Josefina Chua Tiampo Professor of Business Administration and the Unit Head of the Organizational Behavior Unit at Harvard Business School. He also holds the position of Chair of Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management program (“Faculty and Research”). Gulati focuses his research on the leadership, strategy, and organizational issues in business firms and customer-focused organizations. He studies leadership and strategic challenges that businesses face when trying to build and expand their organizations in today’s chaotic markets. Gulati understood early on that as the economy evolved, the leadership strategies and priorities also needed to evolve in order to continue progression and success nationally and globally. He based his teaching syllabi on that basic idea of long-term resilient success. Gulati focused his research and his teaching on exploring the best way that managers can stay on track and change their practices to stay successful in a dwindling economy as well as a thriving one. His research has followed many companies and he has studied these companies for years to document how each one remained successful and continued to compete in the growing market. The basic leadership strategies are becoming different than they were generations before. A new way of thinking and managing is becoming the norm in the 21st century. There is a greater demand from consumers as well as a larger spectrum of competition in the market. The
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