Organizational Conflict : An Array Of Varied Cultures

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Organizational Conflict
Deborah Leupold
BUS610: Organizational Behavior
Instructor: Martin McDermott
December 17, 2016

The society we live in is an array of varied cultures. Wherever there is human interaction, conflict is bound to be born. Generally, these conflicts occur due to cultural differences. Sometimes, when two people or two groups from diverse cultural backgrounds come in contact to achieve an objective, their interests may come against each other’s. Conflicting interests may also bring incompatibility and inconsistency in relationships. Conflicts generally occur due to incompatibility of goals or different interpretation of facts. Whenever a conflict takes place, it should be managed actively. There can be other …show more content…

Something similar happened here too. Since, the employee’s salary incentives were bound with his performance review of the month, and a negative review affected his salary negatively, it led to demotivation and fury. The employee was angry over his supervisor for the bad review. The situation became sensitive due to a heated argument between the manager and his subordinate. To some extent the reason behind this conflict was also interpersonal and it was perceived that the situation may have arisen due to some basic personal differences between the two. The employee’s point was that the manager had been setting too ambitious target for him which was leading to failure. Moreover, the necessary guidance was also not being provided by the manager which could help the employee achieve his target. If the employee felt that the target was too high or ambitious, he could have said so before this happened. And the manager could have offered more ways to reach the target and showed the employee that it was not too high.
The situation kept growing sensitive till one of the senior officials of the organization intervened and as a first step of negotiation through a meeting tried to bring in some understanding between the manager and his employee. It appeared that the employee was feeling like he was

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