Organizational Culture : An Organization That Drives The Values, Standards, And Beliefs

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Organizational culture is system within an organization that drives the values, standards, and beliefs. Everyone within the organization should have a vested interest in the culture, as it sets a standard of expectations throughout an organization to which everyone performs their job. Organizational culture will influence how and when certain uniforms are worn, the level of professionalism while on a call, doing inspections, or out in public, and what type of behavior is tolerated and not tolerated around the station. One of the greatest attributes of organizational culture is that it is fluid. In other words, this culture can be studied and refined for improvement which can result in a better culture. A good example of this is the use of …show more content…

Lets look at a cultural change that a department may want to implement, such as no tobacco use while on duty. The department can draft up a policy but this alone will not create a cultural change, in order to make the change, everyone needs to support and enforce this change. In order to make this change, it is critical that supervisors lead by example, in other words, if they use tobacco they need to stop using it while on duty. Second, individuals at all levels should be able to correct anybody not following policy without the feeling that a repercussion could happen. Finally supervisors need to address any offenses as soon as they become aware of them. This will help set the example and expectations that need to be followed. Affecting cultural change also comes from a company knowing what the end result is going to be. To get this, there would need to be a series of backwards planning. If we use the example of no tobacco use while on duty as our end result, the question needs to be asked, what needs to happen to get there? There will need to be action taken, such as implementing a policy. Before the action of a policy, there might need to be a visit with beliefs within the organization. The personnel within the district might believe they want to live and portray a healthy life style and tobacco use

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