Organizational Culture And Leadership Of A Team

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Every working individual adhere to vison or a cognitive norm of Organizational culture and holds some positive or a negative opinion about their leader. The organizational culture and role of a leader in a team go hand in hand to accomplish the goal of the organization and extract the potential of every employee in that organization. Therefore, it is essential for an organization of any size to have a positive organizational culture and select team leaders that can lead its employees.
In a general sense of a corporate organization, a team-leader is the person to whom everyone in your team reports to and takes guidelines on how to perform their job. The achievement of the goal of any organization depends on the effectiveness of role that particular leader plays, how he manages his team and most essentially how the leader influences their member to achieve the goals of the company. However, a leader can come in any walk of life, be it in a NGO who is working towards preservation of environment, elected official in political circle, or a quarterback who can choreograph the team to victory. And a sign of great team leadership, is the role the leader plays by envisioning out of the box solutions and influencing great results from his team. Time and again, research into the effectiveness of role of leadership has proved that leaders are and essential factor in the dynamics of company and play a critical role in the success and fortunes of any organization. Take the current
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